Sunday, May 6, 2018


I had the misfortune recently to have to look for a new car, as my own died a very sudden death. It had been four or five years since I had had to go through this, so it was an eye-opener. 

There is a whole different kind of language used when talking about cars, you almost have to learn a new vocabulary, which you will probably not use at any other time of your life. The people you meet talk about cars all day, every day, so they are already in on the lingo. 

In rural Ireland, there is a tendency to pronounce some words in different ways - the name Walsh, for example, is pronounced "Welsh" in many parts of the Irish countryside, for no really good reason. 

This is also true of the car manufacturer Renault, which many people pronounce phonetically, as if it were an English word. This is to explain a little of the following - very short - poem. 


He called all vehicles “she”
And pronounced Renault
As Ren-alt,
So I was immediately sure
That when it came to cars,
This man knew
Exactly what he was talking about.

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