Sunday, June 10, 2018


My phone is only
At 36%
Which is far
Too low for comfort.    

I need to charge
But the tablet
Is right now
Plugged in
And getting juice
From my one good charger.

It is a worry,
A concern,
A tickling preoccupation;
I do not like it
When a device falls
Below 50%.

My kindle is short too
And the iPod is demanding
Feeding, and the laptop in the corner
Has not been plugged in
For hours.

80% and I am happy,
60% is a little uneasy,
40% and I start to sweat.

I spend my days
Checking battery life,
Charging or
Worrying about charging.

My nightmares
Feature messages telling me
“your battery is low”
While the socket disappears
And the cable slowly
Disintegrates in my hand.

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